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Company News

Terra-Link has launched the Home Automation Services division. Check back often for more information in the news section regarding  home automation services.

New Location in Metro Atlanta Georgia

Terra-Link has recently added a Metro Atlanta division to its service offerings.  The thriving business climate in the area made it a natural choice for a new location.

Computer Training

Don't forget about computer training.  We offer classes in many general computer applications as well as specialized solutions. Our staff of highly trained and experienced consultant/trainers will custom build a training solution for your staff.  Whether you have a small home business or a multimillion dollar operation, we will provide a custom training solution for you!

Macintosh Services

Many of our potential clients don't know that we also consult on the Apple Macintosh platform. If you have any services that you need on the MAC platform, don't hesitate to call us. 



Welcome to Terra-Link Technologies!

Welcome to the Terra-Link Technologies home on the Web. We appreciate you stopping buy. We are a unique technology services company that is focused on bringing products and services to the market that benefit the user and our environment. By incorporating the latest computer enhanced services and market leading products, Terra-Link strives to offer products and services that are unique to their market segment, and exceed our customers expectations. What are those expectations?

Solve the Right Problem - Our personnel are highly trained and experienced in problem analysis. They come from various business backgrounds and bring a wealth of insight from those fields. They can determine the most cost-effective way to implement a solution for your business or residential IT needs.

Consider the Big Picture - We do not work in a vacuum and we will not recommend solutions that are contrary to the directives that have already been established by your organization.  Consequently, we propose solutions that create synergy and enhance your existing technologies.

Apply Current Technologies - Continuing education is a company mandate. Regular professional education is required to stay current with techniques and trends. Combining current knowledge, with consistent learning, provides our clients with practical insight on the correct use and implementation of various technologies. This results in a smooth evolution of technological integration, that wisely uses current assets while, taking advantage of the latest innovations.

Deliver High Quality Work - In the final analysis, a contract is not considered complete unless it meets all the requirements for the solution proposed.  All applications must be fully documented, and maintenance should not present another unnecessary challenge that distracts from the core business, and diverts precious man hours away from production.

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